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Rooted for Life, Inc. (RFL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on helping develop the self-esteem, and increasing the core values of our inner-city, at-risk youth through the engaging of several integrity building programs, while assisting in bridging the educational gap for our community’s high-school students.

It is estimated that over half of our community’s at-risk youth are financially unprepared to enter into College upon completion of their high-school education. As it stands, about seven out of every 100 Los Angeles public school students will quit school each year.  Of those who aspire to continue their post-secondary education, most are likely to go into debt determined to acquire their degree, while nearly 50% simply drop out, due to financial hardship.

Rooted for Life recognizes the socioeconimic thirst for assistance within our community, which is why we offer The Visionary and Mentoring Scholarship Program; a 7-month educational, and life skills program equipped with one-on-one mentoring, educational and life skills resources, social building trips and activities, personal development classes, college tours, and scholarships upon completion of the program.


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Forthcoming years will produce JV Hoops Basketball Camp, and Self-Expression Performing Arts Center (SEPACharacter building programs that will enhance discipline, and team workmanship through the usage of Sports and Performing Arts.

Rooted for Life believes that if we pour educational resources, positive influences, and character building techniques into our youth, they will unequivocally respond with long-term self-esteem, and lifelong success.

It is our hope that you will see the passion that Rooted for Life Mentoring Program has for its youth, their hearts, and their futures.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to support our efforts through generous sponsorships, donations, monthly contributions, and/or volunteering. 

With your support Rooted for Life will Change Lives…ONE SCHOLAR AT A TIME.

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